Head Coach 

Logan Brown 


Chapman Walk

Gordon Garrett

Joe Izatt 

Logan Hamilton 

Britton Coil 

James Larsen

Keith Larsen 

Aaron Dickson

Former Players At The Next Level


• 2 – 18 minute halves with a running clock until the last 2 minutes of the game. 

• Timeouts: 3 per game 

• Shooting foul – if made, basket will count and 1 additional point will be awarded 

• Foul shots will be 1 for 2 or 3 (entire game) 

Alumni Tournament Rules 

After High School...Where did they go....

2019-20 Seniors 

Hayden Woolley - Hayden left on an LDS mission in the summer following his senior season.  His mission was in  Washington State -Spanish speaking. After his mission, he plans to pursue business at Utah State University. 

Ace Kennington - Following his senior season, Ace continued to work construction jobs and plans to pursue anything that allows him to build and create projects. Ace also is an assistant coach with the football team.   

2018-19 Seniors 

Jonny Parkinson - Jonny left on a mission in the summer following his senior year to Chili Santiago North.  After his mission, Jonny plans to play college football where he has an offer to Snow College. 

Anthony McDade - After High School Anthony pursued his basketball talents at North Iowa Area Community College on a basketball scholarship. 

Josh Jensen - After High School josh continued to pursue his passion as an Electrician in Logan Utah. 

Kevin Nye - Kevin left on a mission to Neuquen Argentina. After his mission, Kevin plans on pursuing his opportunies to play college football. 

Kyle Truex -After High School, Kyle has lived in Logan, UT. He plans to attend Utah State and will look to play college football. 

Luke Facer - Luke left for his mission to Cote-D Ivoire Abidjan West.  After his mission, Luke has plans to pursue a career in Business. 

Charlie Jensen - After High School Charlie has plans to go on a mission where he will serve in the Piura Peru.  After his mission, he plans on attending Utah State University. 

2017-18 Seniors

Jared Bagley - After High School, Jared went on a mission to Cape Town Africa.  Jared will look to pursue his basketball options of playing college basketball when he returns from his mission. 

Bryce Ellis - Bryce went on a mission to Scottsdale Arizona following the summer of his senior year at Logan High. Bryce plans on attending Utah State University when he returns. 

Cooper Ward - Cooper went on a mission to Ventura Beach California following his senior year at Logan High.  Cooper plans on attending Utah State University when he returns. 

Trey Davis - Following graduation at Logan High, Trey spent the summer in Alaska training for basketball.  Trey continued his basketball career at Central Arizona Community College. 

Brayden Roberts - Following graduation, Brayden went on a mission to Guayaquil Ecuador.  When he returns from a mission he plans to look at his options of playing college basketball. 

2016-17 Senior 

Cody Brimhall - After a great senior year and  graduation, Cody went to college at Utah Valley University.  

2015-16 Seniors 

Jason Andersen - Jason went on a mission to Africa in June following his senior year.  Jason has a basketball scholarship to Western Wyoming Community College and plans to continue his basketball career when he returns.  

Ethan Dana - After a successful senior year at Logan High, Ethan attended Utah State University.  

Jamari Blossom-Black - Jamari worked for Cache Valley Electric the summer after graduating. In the fall of 2016 Jamari attended Utah State University pursing a degree in Engineering.  

Jaden Frazier - Following graduation Jaden attended University of Utah on a full ride academic scholarship where he will pursue a degree in Bio Medical Engineering or Psychology. 

2014-15 Seniors 

James Larsen - James was called on an LDS mission to Baltimore MD after his senior season. When he returns home he plans on attending Utah State University or Brigham Young University. 

Tyler Brimhall - Tyler attended University of Idaho in June following his senior year. He is on a scholarship to play basketball for the Vandals. 

Jaxton Andersen - Jaxton is attending Snow College on a basketball scholarship.  He plans on pursuing basketball as a coach after college.  

Brad Neuhaus - Brad attended Brigham Young University - Hawaii where he will be playing basketball.  After BYU- H, he plans on going on a mission. 

Justin Heiter - After high school, Justin attended Utah State University following his senior year.  

Reilly Griffiths - Reilly will be going on an LDS mission following his senior year.  When he returns, he plans on going to Brigham Young University.  

2013-14 Seniors 

Marcus Maes - Marcus attended Utah State University in pursuit of a Business Degree. He also helped out with the Freshmen with the Logan High Boys Basketball Team. 

Hyrum Tennant - Hyrum attended Utah State University on a full ride academic scholarship.  

Cole Dickson - Cole went on an LDS mission to the Dominican Republic in July following his senior year. 

Chandler Medlin - Chandler attended Utah State University and has been helping the USU mens basketball team as the student manager. 

Taylor Compton - Taylor went on an LDS mission to in South America in June following his senior year.  

2012-13 Seniors 

Luke Falk 

Luke attended Washington State University on a football scholarship.  Luke is playing quarterback after a very successful high school career. 

Jordan Larsen 

Jordan was called to serve an LDS mission in Peru.   He plans to study business when he returns off his mission. 

Chapman Walk 

Chapman helped the Logan High Basketball staff coaching summer basketball.  Chapman will be serving an LDS mission in Boston MA.  When he returns he plans on going to Utah State University.  

Brett Dickson 

Brett went on an LDS mission in Guadamala in July of 2013.  When Brett returns from his mission he plans on attending Utah State University.  

Dallin Dahl 

Dallin left on an LDS mission in August of 2013 to Argentina .  When he returns, he plans on attending Utah State University.  

2011-12 Seniors 

Russell Murphy 

Russ worked at CFA and attended Utah State University. After a year of college, Russ went on an LDS mission in Mexico City.  When he gets back he plans on majoring in Human Movement Science.  After completing school, he plans to go to therapy school. 

Johnny Luke 

Johnny attended Utah State University with an undeclared major.  After Utah State Johnny went on an LDS mission and decided to play football at Snow College.   

Jake Cazier 

After High School, Jake went on a trip to Mexico for a service trip where he helped build houses.  Jake attended Utah State University the next fall majoring in Mechanical Engineering.   Jake competed with the USU track team doing the decathlon. After one year of school Jake went on an LDS mission in Chili.  

Joe Bennion 

Joe attended Utah State University.  After one year at Utah State, Joe left on an LDS mission and plans to return to Utah State. 

2010-11 Seniors 

                      Sage Nyman 

  Sage enrolled at Utah State University as well Institute classes at Utah State University. .  

                    Josh Sadler 

Josh left to play football at Snow College the year after high school. 

                    Devin Cannon

Devin  was part of the Logan High Boys Basketball coaching staff for the 2011-12 season.  He has also helped with the Jr Grizz teams in the fall. 

                    Kerby Olson 

Kerby attended Utah State University studying Business Marketing the year after graduation.   He also worked at Prestige Solutions. He Left on a mission in the summer of 2012. 

                    Greg Vernier 

After graduation, Greg played baseball for Catholic University of America located in Washington D.C. His major was undetermined at the time. He also helped out with the Jr. Grizz basketball program coaching an 8th grade team.   

                    Derek Larsen 

Attended Utah State for a semester before going on a two year mission in Chili.  When he returns He plans on playing football for Utah State. 

Overtime will be 1 minute. 2nd  overtime will be first team to score. 

• Personal Fouls will not be kept  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

• *Scores will be curved based on graduating class** 

• All scores will be curved based on the difference of years from the two graduating classes (Example … 1994 VS 2002.  The 1994 class would be spotted 8 points at the beginning of the game). There is a 20 point max. 

• Teams from 2008-present…if playing each other will play straight up. 

• Teams must claim the youngest player on the team as their graduating class. 

• Players did not have to play within the program, but is suggested they attended Logan Schools.